Business Building
  • Visionary Business Planning and Execution
  • Spot on Market Winning Strategy Formulation
  • Strategy Execution with Follow Up and Course Correction
  • Ensure Innovative Products and Services to Drive Up Profitability
  • Optimize Cost Efficiency and Accountability of at All Levels, Primarily at
    Manufacturing Plant and Field Force Levels
  • Advising on Profitable New Growth Platform
  • Appropriate Business Modeling
Organization Building
  • Create Appropriate Management Structure Ensuring Role Fitness and
  • Structure Business Unit and Functional Set Up Matching Org. Development Horizon
  • Provide Key Hires Fitting Challenges to Implement Strategy
  • Provide Guidelines for Efficient Resource (Financial and Non-Financial)
  • Sustain High Performance Over Time Through Re-skilling,
    Up-skilling and Managerial Capacity Building
  • Create Compliance Structure For Visibility, Security and Efficiency
  • Ensure Process Compliance at All Levels
Customer Building
  • Building Customer Centricity Across the Organization as A Part of High Performing Corporate Culture
  • Creating Channel Partner Relationship Architecture Based on Trade Marketing Principles
  • Integrating Back and Front Office for Alignment, Speed and Flow
  • WOW Level Customer Service¬† Not Just Being Customer Oriented, Also Truly Customer Organized
Supplier Building
  • Consider Suppliers as an Integral Part of Organization Entity Like Customers
    and Employees
  • Make Supplier Contribution Inevitable for Low Cost and Efficient Sourcing
  • Create Service Level Agreement with Key Suppliers for Steady Supplies Over A Long Period
  • Create a Professionally Skilled and Committed Team of Long-term Outsourcing Partners
People Building
  • Role Profiles for Strategic Positions
  • World Class Functional / Management / Leadership Training in Multiple
  • People Productivity Improvement
  • Create Reward Architecture for Sustaining High Performance
  • Create A Culture of Fun, Community and Organization Wide Team Support
  • Practice Value Based Behaviour at All Levels