Concept Note

Marilyn Monroe Leadership Tower Series – 100 Chapters

Designed and Authored By: K. M. Ali,
Lead Consultant, Space Business Consulting Services
House # 57, Flat # 06, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Cell: 88 01713 017 674

Marilyn Monroe Leadership Tower Series is a classic case of Learning & Development Module presented in shorter burst (3 hour each chapter) sessions and modelled on the famous Hollywood blonde actress Marilyn Monroe. It captures the visual punch of Award Winning Monroe Towers – modern day skyscrapers as seen in some cities of America and Canada. The overwhelming sensuousness of its architectural beauty creates a stunning and enticing impact on its dwellers and viewers. The 50 storied tall condominiums of Absolute Towers have been alternatively nicknamed as Marilyn Monroe Tower due to its curvaceous, hourglass figure like actress Marilyn Monroe. The idea is to create a distinct identity of residential accommodation ensuring efficiency and quality of life with more natural ventilation, light, space and comfort.

Keeping the Monroe metaphor as the mainframe for leadership learning, the programme attempts to dissect the whole leadership regimen broken down into at least one hundred chapters. It covers multiple fascinating shades of leadership seen from two different lenses i.e. the tunnel view of day – today Managing a business with limited success versus the wide angle view of Leading the same thing that gives radically different results. The recalibrated approach so adopted creates a very surprising and wow level outcome indeed. The twist actually, comes from an artistic viewing of an opportunity or threat in business, big or small pushing things beyond the frontiers of ordinary thinking.

Like in a skyscraper as one goes for an upward climb, leadership too offers many knowledge floors for one to climb first and then complete the learning loop to be a highly successful and effective leader. The whole thing is presented in a combo format where content and style are matched for functional utility and aesthetic brilliance which make it far more emotionally receptive to its audience. The leadership concepts so presented here are gleaned from across the world collating, relating, synthesizing and encapsulating together the global wisdom for maximum impact. The content of course, does not follow any sequential order and is therefore, pretty flexible to meet divergent needs across varying cognitive levels of learners. This is expected to benefit millions of its users and viewers across the world especially entrepreneurs and corporate executives in particular and leadership aspirants in general.

It actually, dwells on something which have been already worked out by CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, IVY League University publications like Harvard, globally acclaimed Management Consultants, Writers, Thinkers, Inventors and Entrepreneurs across the world for the benefit of all. The whole thing becomes even more appropriate, rich and relevant to its users when contextualized and applied from a local perspective drawing examples from real life, history, myths, religion, politics, astronomy, literature, music etc. The list of 100 Chapters of MM Leadership Tower Series are given below which will be published gradually. This will be done in many formats besides being used for training programmes by its designer and author K. M. Ali.