Introducing Space

SBCS is a Business Consulting Services Company led by K.M.Ali, a well-known CEO Level Professional in the Bangladesh Corporate World. It aims at providing practical business consultancy services to both Bangladeshi and Multinational Business Corporations. The key differences that SBCS creates are:

Strategic Business Consulting

At SBCS we offer a Comprehensive and Strategically Designed Five Lens Business Development Consultancy. The Logo embodies five different colour shades representing five different building blocks absolutely critical for any organization and business.

  • Mannagement Trainning & Development
Space – The Symbol

In our personal or professional life, we are actually in relentless search for space. It may range from trying to have a buffer or cushion to tackle daily depressions or many up and down relational strain we experience every moment. The workplace or personal life aside, let’s look at the market place. Hundreds of companies with hundreds of products and services are entering into the market every day and colliding head on for a little space directly or indirectly which is becoming increasingly difficult in an over-crowded, over-supplied environment. In a situation marked by stress, anxieties and burnout, we all are desperate to have a breathing space in all possible meanings.

We believe that this space is only possible where and when we are thinking enough to study the multi-faceted threats and opportunities in an organized manner keeping the focus on the challenges. Here the up side is much higher than the down side which paradoxically gives us an opposite look when we get the first impression. In fact all turn-around and transformation stories are built on this premise and eventually proved to be true. In SBCS, this is precisely what we are doing, turning adversity into prosperity through practical and innovative, step by step sure-fire methods.